Chilean filmmakers in Miami Film Festival 2006

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The Miami International Film Festival launches a new film exchange program with this exciting array of films from emerging Chilean filmmakers who are riding the next wave of Chilean cinema. These outstanding films auspiciously start a new MIFF tradition of celebrating one Latin American country each year with a special program of films, discussions and events. Later this year, MIFF will send films and U.S. industry professionals to Santiago to encourage the growth and further development of the Chilean film industry.

In Bed (En la Cama)
(Chile, 85 min)
Director: Matías Bize

With the help of two superb and literally naked performances and a screenplay that owes much to Richard Linklater and playwright Terrence McNally, Chilean director Matías Bize has found a place so sensual that you’ll forget all you know about sex in the movies – and then rediscover it.
In Bed (En la Cama)

(Chile, Argentina, France, 105 min)
Director: Alicia Scherson

A lonely man and a lonely woman almost cross paths as they search for love in a hostile city. Cristina takes care of an old man in what she sees as a modest city; Tristan wanders, heartbroken, in what he sees as a very modern city. Both are involved in loveless relationships. Chile's Oscar entry for Best Foreign Language Film, Play examines small things and looks for clues about what makes us breathe, in a city that denies itself.

Pretendiendo (Pretending)
(Chile, 118 min)
Director: Claudio Dabed

When her boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend, a beautiful woman (Barbara Mori) swears off relationships and re-makes herself in a new town. However, a chauvinist co-worker’s remarks soon draw her back into the battle of the sexes. Claudio Dabed’s comedy combines sharp observations about inter-gender friendship with farcical hijinks, to winning effect.
Pretendiendo (Pretending)

The King of San Gregorio (El Rey de San Gregorio)
(Chile, 85 min)
Director: Alfonso Gazitúa

Love blooms for a severely disabled garbage picker living in the slums of San Gregorio, Chile. Pedro Vargas plays himself in a haunting performance brimming with romantic intensity. Alfonso Gazitúa’s touching, troubling romance offers an unvarnished look at the inner lives of those living on the margins in Chile’s urban underworld.
The King of San Gregorio (El Rey de San Gregorio)

The Sacred Family (La Sagrada Familia)
(Chile, 99 min)
Director: Sebastián Campos

The orderly world of a bourgeois Chilean family is upended when the son’s sensual new girlfriend arrives for Easter weekend. In his feature film debut, director Sebastián Campos blends hand-held camerawork and improvised dialogue from an impressive ensemble to create a raw, incisive portrait of a family teetering on the edge of chaos.
The Sacred Family (La Sagrada Familia)

Time Off (Paréntesis)
(Chile, 96 min)
Director: Francisca Schweitzer, Pablo Solís

An aimless twentysomething man who works in a video store meanders through life. His lackadaisical attitude alienates his girlfriend, who calls for a week-long trial separation, a “paréntesis". While the cat’s away, the mouse starts to play — with a rebellious 16-year-old girl. He’s smitten. He’s happy. So why does she disappear? Que pasa?

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