Biografía de Alicia Scherson

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Alicia SCHERSON - Chile

1974 -
City of birth: Santiago
Country: Chile

Alicia Scherson was born in Santiago de Chile in 1974. After graduating as a biologist, she studied filmmaking in the Escuela de Cine de Cuba, EICTV. In 1999 she went to the USA with a Fulbright scholarship, where she obtaines her Master in Fine Arts (MFA) from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Her shorts films have been screened and awarded in multiple International Film Festivals.

On 2002, she came back to live in Santiago, where she works as a film teacher ans edits "Play", her first feature film, which has been awarded the Hubert Bals and CORFO Film Fund and the Beca Fundacion Carolina from Spanish Government.

Filmography: Play

Play is a movie about a lonely, heartbroken man, Tristan who tries to recover something he has never had; and Cristina, the silent witness to his downfall. Cristina and Tristan both spend their summers living in a hot and polluted Santiago de Chile. However, Cristina takes care of an old man in what she sees is a modest city, while Tristan wanders, heartbroken, in what he sees is a very modern city. Irene doesn’t love Tristan, and Cristina doesn’t love Manuel. This lack of love, when examined under a microscope makes even the smallest things appear larger than life. Play is an urban tale that examines those small things and looks for clues as to what makes us breathe in a city that denies itself. This is the story of a man who searches, and a woman who finds.

Writer Alicia Scherson
Camera Ricardo de Angelis
Sound Miguel Hormazábal
Music Joseph Costa, Marc Hellner
Editor Soledad Salfate
Cast Viviana Herrera, Andrés Ulloa, Aline Kuppenheim, Coca Guazzini
Producer -


2005 - 35 mm - - 105 min

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